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  1. Kevin R. Tengesdal says:

    1. Instead of eliminating the retail area of Quizno’s/Sidelines, why not put the Convention Hotel and Parking Ramp in the wide open lot directly south of the Civic Center, and enhance the retail in the Quizno’s area?

    2. Is there really the need to demolish the historic Wachter Warehouse for yet another parking ramp?

    3. Any opportunities for improving the performing arts performance areas beyond the just only the Belle/Municipal Auditorium and the Civic Center would greatly, greatly enhance the life of Downtown.

  2. KLG says:

    Regarding the option for “Back-in angled parking” in Chancellor’s Square…. Do other cities have that? Does it work? Sounds like a nightmare. I think it would be better to eliminate those parking spaces (since there will be so many parking garages) and turn them into green space or sculpture gardens.

    • Nathaniel Smith says:

      I’ve lived in 3 major metro areas, 2 smaller ones about the same size as Bismarck, and visited countless others nationwide, and I can safely confirm that if “back-in angled parking” exists anywhere else, I certainly haven’t seen it. I agree with KLG that it’s a shortsighted idea. The current angled spaces on Broadway and Thayer sort of work now only because there’s not much traffic on those one-way streets. If you take away capacity on Main and shift it all over there, you’re going increase congestion every time someone needs to back into a space, and you’ll be substantially increasing the risk of an accident on those streets if people are impatient or not paying attention – not just with the cars backing in or coming out, but also with any pedestrians or other vehicles trying to get around them.

      You also can’t really back into a space at all if there’s anyone behind you, and there will usually be people behind you if more traffic is shifted over from Main, especially during rush hour or during events.

      Also, because people in Bismarck mostly drive large trucks/SUVs and aren’t always very good at backing, even if everything else went according to plan there would still be enough double parking to make it difficult for those spaces to reach intended capacity.

      Overall, I second KLG that it’s a bad idea.

  3. Bernard Dooley says:

    Structured parking does not add to street life and vitality; just look at what these structures have already done to the downtown. Please put parking under or behind retail and housing edges along the street. Also, I agree that we’ve torn down enough historic properties to build parking; keep the historic fabric that is left, it is sustainable use of resources and ties the city to its heritage.

    Great idea for making the depot a greenspace again.

  4. Art Pear says:

    People in Bismarck refuse to walk more than 2 blocks and hate parking in ramps. All this is good and wonderful, but there needs to be an attitude change. People cannot even handle recycling in this town because anything green is considered liberal and evil.

  5. Andrew says:

    I agree with what “Art Pear” says, however, solutions are everywhere. Take the third and main ramp. Low ceilings, dark stairways, and narrow drive lanes all add to the foreign and uncomfortable atmosphere of the ramp. I imagine the new ramps to have elevators in every corner, escalators, bright stairways, efficient entries and exits, among higher ceilings and wider drive lanes. I think the perfect places to construct a ramp would be the half of the wachter warehouse lot, on the seventh street side. Another viable option would be the closest of Civic center lots. Now rather instead of the Ramps to be drab and grey, a flashy main level storefront with landscaping and friendly facades will entice people to try it out. Now, rather than the new ramps proposed and the transit center proposal, i envision a collaboration and city-wide multimodal transit hub.
    Thanks for your time.
    Andrew Stromme

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