This page outlines the project milestones for the Study. As the Study progresses, milestones reached will become bold to indicate completion and include links to relevant information.

Phase 1 – Starting

Team Kick-off Meeting (Feb 5/6th)
Existing Conditions Report
Public Workshop #1 – Review Findings/Identify Project Vision Goals  (March 13)
Public Workshop Summary

Phase 2 – Designing

Public Workshop #2 – Present Urban Design & Complete Streets Concepts (May 23)
Public Workshop Summary
Technical Reviews of Urban Design and Complete Streets Concepts
Public Workshop #3 – Present Refined Concepts and Draft Implementation Plan
Public Workshop Summary

Phase 3 – Implementation

Recommended updates to Existing Policies, Regulations and Guidelines
Draft Downtown Bismarck Subarea Study Report
Bismarck Board of Commissioners and Bismarck Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearings
Final Downtown Bismarck Sub-Area Study Report